Put your content to work and use it to earn money with premium advertisements.


We respect our partners as content creators and individuals. You keep full ownership of your channel and your videos.


Showcase your content and channel with cool new art assets created by our professionals.


Our network enables you to grow your audience thanks to our cross-channel promotion system.


Track your stats across content platforms using our unique toolset and stay on the cutting edge.


Work with other top creators by sharing video ideas, and make them happen through our exclusive network messaging solution.


Our highly useful data system lets you keep on top of your performance and monitor your channel's status within the YouTube ecosystem.


Be a part of a network that helps ensure every YouTube change only helps you grow.

The Collective Digital Studio (CDS) is a YouTube multi-channel network and digital content production studio that’s home to some of the most creative and popular content producers on the planet, including FreddieW, Corridor Digital, NODE, Annoying Orange, iJustine and Megan and Liz.
CDS works with content producers to help them realize their full potential. We have the tools, community and destinations to accelerate your YouTube growth and help you find success in this new age of content creation and distribution.
Multi-Channel Networks on YouTube are a tight community of content creators who collaborate and promote each other's videos and channels to help the network grow as a whole.

Think of YouTube as a platform for millions of channels, and our network as a launching pad to enable you to build your own creative outlet.
CDS focuses on helping creators who are interested in making original content grow their channels through collaborations and cross promotion within our wider network of content producers.
When evaluating content producers for potential partnerships, we look at a number of criteria including subscriber count, viewership – but most importantly, content quality. We want our network to feature the very best content producers, so not everybody is a fit. Also, we cannot add any channel that has any copyright strikes or a disabled or an inactive AdSense account.
We send out compensation when AdSense delivers the ad revenue to us, typically at the beginning of each month. A partner will usually be paid at the beginning of the first calendar month after being in our network for at least four weeks. So a partner who joins mid-January will not be paid until March.
Applicable federal, state and local law requires all channel owners to be 18 or older in order to sign the contract. If you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian will need to sign on your behalf.
Applicable federal, state, and local law requires you to provide certain information so that we can properly compensate and account for your channel. In order to join our network, you are required to fill out these forms.
Ensure you're logged into your YouTube channel, and can check by visiting this link:
If you have three green buttons, your channel is in good standing!
While we do reserve the right to display logos across channels in the network, we do not require you to do this. However, if you do not, you will be missing out on the opportunity to cross-promote your content within our network and drive awareness of your content on other channels.
This is an official YouTube app which allows us to see your channel URL and contact information so we can get back to you quickly if there is a good fit. You are not giving us control of or any rights to your channel. Your channel belongs to you!
CDS does not guarantee CPMs. Our focus is on enabling a large community of creators to actively promote each other, so that we can grow views and expand our audience organically and authentically.
By joining our network of other creators, we can help expand your channel's audience by showcasing its content across other channels within our network. This cross-promotion of content can help others discover your content, while helping your viewers discover other channel's content.